Grand Opening of Kasra – Fayeen – Events


The city of Kasra cordially invites you to a “Merchants of Gor” tournament, to be held

SATURDAY October 5th 2019 at 2pm SLT (10pm GMT)

(Sign-up from 1.30pm SLT).

Any Free persons or slaves may enter and play, though we are a full immersion BTB sim. Please respect that while you are here. Entrants will be expected to be in gorean attire. ONLY GOREANS ARE ACCEPTED.

Location of event: Kasra – Fayeen at the juncture of the Upper and Lower Fayeen river, main plaza.

There will be prizes for the first three places:
1st place : 3,000L
2nd place : 2,000L
3rd place: 1,000L

We look forward to see you here!

Kasra - Fayeen


Kasra will be hosting a Sword Tournament Sunday – 10/06/2019.
Anyone is allowed to visit must be dressed gorean! ((BTB sim rules still apply))

Men can enter the tournament only!
Sign-ups will start at 1:30 PM SL time. Tournament will begin at 2:00 PM SL time.

Rules are Normal. ZCS METER/Swords ((EQ, LR, GTS, ETC)) Freebie sword vender will be supplied at the arena in-case you forget to bring one -cough- .

Matches will be best 2 out of 3. With Finals being best of 5.
Ties will be re-fought.

Prizes are ATM – current Pot 10000
((First)) – 40%
((Second)) – 25%
((Third)) – 20%
((Free for ALL)) 15%
Top three winners cannot compete from the Free for All!

Pot may increase prior to donations. Any questions feel free to send a vulo to secondlife:///app/agent/bdd0e71c-c6c5-4ff6-8906-442ddf56c4e8/about