Black Caste Rules

black caste rules

These are the rules for Assassins who hunt here. If you do not like these rule do not play here.

  1. Assassins hunting on the sim have to contact the BC mods OOCly before starting their hunt. Failure of doing so, will result in the kill to be invalidated.
  2. Assassins in the black clothing of their caste and wearing the black dagger on their forehead, will not be required to disarm, those in disguise will have to follow the general rules.
  3. Sim BC Mod will ask for a full report of the hunt, from the hire to the kill. The client’s name must not be deleted from the logs as it is important to assess possible OOC issues of the contract. The piece of information will be kept strictly reserved and considered an OOC piece of information only.
  4. Prior to the kill, the Assassin must clearly be able to identify the target through direct IC knowledge gained in RP. The assassin must have met his mark ICly and role played with him/her at least three times before the kill proper.
  5. The assassin must visibly wear the mark of the dagger on their foreheads before they strike. Everything else, such as wearing black, etc. is optional. IF the marked assassin chooses to wear black he will be afforded free access into the city until the point of attack and then he is fair game to try to disrupt the kill or prevent him from leaving. If the assassin chooses to kill in disguise, he has to reveal the black mark and emote showing it before he attacks. From that moment, he can be chased by whoever has IC knowledge of the attack.
  6. Once the kill has been done, the assassin will have no saying in the mark’s decision for permanent or temporary death. If the mark decides for temporary death, he cannot have any subsequent interaction with the assassin and/or his client relating to the death contract as for the assassin and the client, the mark is dead.
  7. Once a citizen, player on this sim, has been assassinated, no contract on them will be approved for three months from their last Assassination.
  8. As per section V, point 1 of the Sim Rules, the 30 minutes RP prior to the kill is not necessary but the killing post must be richly descriptive and accurate.
  9. Rule as per section V, point 2 of the Sim Rules – 2. IC combat. In the case of IC drawing weapons/duels/attack/capturing someone one post with clear intent must be made. F.e. drawing weapons while describing intent to strike someone – does not apply to Black Caste kills

Happy Hunting
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