Trading Red Salt

red salt of Klima
red salt of Klima

Further west of Tor, at the juncture of the Lower Fayeen and Upper Fayeen Rivers, is the city of Kasra. The Lower Fayeen and Upper Fayeen, both being sluggish, meandering rivers, are tributaries of the Cartius River. Kasra is a major port for the embarkation of the salt trade. The famed red salt of Kasra received its name because this is commonly the port from which the salt is exported out of the Tahari region.

Most salt at Klima is white, but certain of the mines deliver red salt, red from ferrous oxide in its composition, which is called the Red Salt of Kasra, after its port of embarkation, at the juncture of the Upper and Lower Fayeen.
(Tribesman of Gor)

Oasis of Klima, revisited

Oasis of Klima
Oasis of Klima
Oasis of Klima

In the distance, below, perhaps five pasangs away, in the hot, concave, white salt bleakness, like a vast, white, shallow bowl, pasangs wide, there were compounds, low, white buildings of mud brick, plastered. There were many of them. They were hard to see in the distance, in the light, but I could make them out.
Klima,” said Hamid.
“I have made the march to Klima,” said one of the prisoners. He cried out, elatedly, “I have made the march to Klima!” It was the man who had, for many of the days, cried out for us to be slain. It was he who had, since the noon halt of four days ago, been silent.
I looked at the prisoners. We looked at one another. Our bodies were burned black by the sun. The flesh, in many places, had cracked. Lighter colored flesh could be seen beneath. There was salt on us, to our thighs. The leather wrappings about our legs were in tatters. Our necks and bodies were abraded, raw from collar and chain. In the last days we had been denied salt. Our bodies were cruel with cramps and weakness. But we stood, all of us, and straight, for we had come to Klima.
Twenty had come to Klima.
The first prisoner, whose bonds had been removed, was thrust in the direction of the compounds. He began to stagger down the slope toward the valley, slipping in the crusts, sometimes sinking in to his knees.
One by one the prisoners were freed. None attempted to flee into the desert. Each, as he was freed, began to trudge toward Klima. There was nowhere else to go.
The man, who had cried out, “I have made the match to Klima!” was freed. He staggered toward the compounds, running, half falling, down the long slope.
Hassan and I were freed. Together we trudged toward Klima, following the straggling line of men before us.
We came upon a figure, fallen in the salt. It was be who had run ahead, who had cried out, disbelievingly, joyously, “I have made the march to Klima!”
We turned the body over in the salt. “He is dead,” said Hassan.
Together, Hassan and I rose to our feet.
Nineteen had come to Klima. (John Norman: Tribesmen of Gor)

Decisions must be made


Members of the council of the city of Kasra discuss with Rarius Yuroki. Decisions must be made. Nobody will tell strangers who is a member of this council and who rules Kasra.



Many merchants from the desert come to Kasra, the gateway to the Tahari, to exchange coins and provide provisions.

Meeting of the Southern Trade Alliance (STA)

southern trade alliance

STA meeting in Kasra – Fayeen, first day of the seventh passage hand of the month of En’Kara of the year 10170 Contasta Ar (12th of October 2019 barbarian calendar)

The assembly of the Southern Trade Alliance (STA) decided and announced:



We vow to to promote Justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for trade with safety of passage, promote the general well-being, and secure the Blessings of the Priest Kings upon the members of this Alliance.

This Southern Trade Alliance was forged for the lands and sands to band together, build trade, and unify the southern lands of Gor. The Alliance encourages mutual trade investments between the member’s ports, cities, caravans and oasis. All transactions will be withheld to the highest regard. Any disagreements shall be brought to the attentions of the Southern Trade Alliance, to be worked out by it’s members. Merchant caste law will be followed, due to the expanse land territories and mobility of the caravan’s.


The Assembly of the Southern Trade Alliance (STA) is an advisory and regulatory body, established with the common aim of protecting trade between ports and cities uphold the Merchant Laws of Gor, and will enforce them. The Assembly will consider, amongst other things, the fairness and legitimacy of trading practices and will offer its recommendation on improving standards towards the prosperity of all members. Under those circumstances where the laws have been breached, the Assembly of STA members will provide for a civilized resolution of the dispute in an impartial court. Cities that comply with the Merchant laws will be aided in acquiring contract, preventing loss of profits of homestones.


There will be regulary trade summits in varies ports and submissions of export and Import lists with patents pending approval. All members will agree to honour the patents of other members of this Assembly of STA members and not produce their products, giving Gor a more authenticity in trade. The Commission is subject to the duties, obligations, liabilities and limitations of the merchant laws of Gor. Each City will conduct themselves with honor above all and any disputes handled by an impartial magistrate or scribe must be accepted..


Petitioning Members must have the sponsorship of an existing member cities before a vote can be held. The Petitioning Member must read and agree to this Charter and uphold the Merchant Laws of Gor. The Petitioning Member will be visited by Members for observation.


Membership is by Majority Vote.

To establish a quorum a simple majority is required. For example: 10 members would require six voting members present. Six members would require four voting members. If we have 10 members and five members are present that would not make a quorum. Half the body is not a quorum.

written by Ibn Saran, Salt Ubar, and Angel Firethorn, High Pasha of the Oasis of Sand Sleen

House of Gray

Kasra slaver

House of Gray slave house is now located in the beautiful city of Kasra.

Are you a slave girl looking for quality roleplay? Old school Gor, with a dark and spicy twist? Are you tired of owners or slavers who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk? Are you thirsty for some intense erotic roleplay to be served on a regular basis? Are you hungry to be truly and utterly dominated?

Try us. You won’t regret it. Gorean roleplayers welcomed. There is also an opening for an assistant slaver.

Grand Opening Kasra Sword Tournament

Kasra sword tournamentKasra sword tournamentKasra sword tournamentKasra sword tournamentKasra sword tournamentKasra sword tournamentKasra sword tournamentKasra sword tournament

The winners are:

First: Ƙняσησѕ Ɍʏu (dark.kegel). Treve
Second: Cᴏʟᴇ Rʏɴᴜs (tashum.reverie), Olni
Third: ᴀɴᴛɪ sᴍɪʟᴏᴅᴏɴ ᴊɪᴇ (anti.foxclaw), Unknown Outlaws
Last man standing: ɪᴍᴘᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ ᴇᴢɪᴏ ᴀᴇᴛɪᴠs sᴍɪʟᴏᴅᴏɴ (ezio.sabretooth)


Merchants of Gor Tournament – Results

Kasra Merchants of gor tournamentKasra Merchants of gor tournament

Here are the winners:
First prize: Gigi (anna.kohl), owned by Spencer Tombola, slaver of the BlackWrath Pirates.
Second prize: ЄҲƠƬƖƇƛ ҚИIǤҤŦ (tifridh.fallen), owned by Red TallOak (redfruit), Port Kar
Third prize: Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza), merchant of Kasra.
Congratulations and thanks for coming!